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Conductive suits
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NSS/108A Conductive Suit

NSS/108A Conductive Suit

The NSS/108A is a conductive suit which allows a linesman to work on a live line at transmission voltages. The suit is bonded to the conductor and acts as a Faraday cage that puts the wearer at the same potential as the conductor, hence no current flow - this is a similar effect to a bird sitting on an electric cable.
  • One piece suit complete with large hood
  • Complies with EN60895:2003
  • Protection up to 800kV AC and 600kV DC
  • Detachable overboots NSS/108B and gloves 5593 are required to complete the Faraday cage
  • Manufactured from meta-aramid with meta-aramid sewing thread
  • Washable at up to 60˚C (Maximum 10 wash cycles)
  • In use with National Grid and other European organisations
  • Also available with built in overboots Style : NNS/78
  • Approx weight of complete set : 1.45 Kgs

    Customers in France, Spain and Portugal should contact our exclusive distributor for these areas :

    Customers in Brazil should contact our exclusive distributor:
    TRADING BRAZILIAN TARGET LTDA Street No. : R. Herculano Pena, no. 754, ap. 304 ZIP: 30.550-012
    District: Nova Suica
    City: Belo Horizonte-MG
    Country: Brazil
    E-mails : and
    Phone numbers : +5531 9198-1797 / +5531 8249-2122
  • Manufactured in the UK
Conductive suits
1 Products: Select Page To View | 1
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